Accelerate Payment Collections

Faster, Smarter, Easier!

Tired of manual follow-ups? We empower businesses to collect payments on time with utmost ease

Best Cash Flow Management Solution for Businesses in UAE

Turbocharge success with lightning-fast payments

We enable you to stay ahead of the competition!

Invoice collections report

Experience the incredible speed & efficiency of invoice collections

Revolutionizing your payment collection experience with robust features!

Our aim is to make your vision a reality

Powerful reminders engine

Payment reminder rules
Automate reconciliation

Automated reconciliation saves time

Streamline payment collections with seamless ERP integration

Connect Existing ERP
Collect payment

Convenient payment links

Customer's data security is our top priority

Rest assured knowing your transactions are protected by robust security measures.

Encrypted Data

Strong data encryption at multiple levels to protect user's sensitive data

Bank-Grade Security

Secured architecture to ensure privacy of data flowing

Digital Certificate

Use of CA signed SSL Certificate to assuring users are on correct site

Audit Trails

Constant monitoring protects from misuse of sensitive information.

Banks/FIs, ERP and Channel Partners across globe

Our esteemed partners
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Manual invoicing,
Delayed collections and manual reconciliations,
Bad debts,
Poor planning,
Inefficient business decisions.

Positive cashflow- When cash inflow is more than cash outflow
Negative cashflow- When cash outflow is more than cash inflow

  • Informed decision making
  • Smooth business operations
  • Sound business health
  • Saves labour, time, money
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Strong business relationships
  • Effective planning and steady growth
  • Easy ERP and Bank account integration
  • Simplified inventory and invoice management
  • Auto sync of invoices and instant payment collections
  • Invoices, payment links and automated reminders can be shared via multiple channels
  • Automated tracking of overdue payments
  • Collections through multiple options like RTGS/NEFT /UPI/QR code /cash/cheque
  • Automated vendor payouts
  • Quick settlement and automated reconciliation
  • 360o cashflow tracking on automated dashboard and reports
  • Business health monitoring with Good business score
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