Streamline your Collections Process Effortlessly with Hylobiz 1

Streamline your Collections Process with Hylobiz

Are you looking to simplify your accounts receivable and collections process?

Hylobiz is part of Vayana Network which offers the industry’s first B2B solution that enables connected banking and connected ERP to automate end-to-end collections, trade and working capital requirements.

The platform delivers invoicing and collection automation solutions to more than 250k businesses across the globe.

Hylobiz supports the following use cases

  • Digital sharing of Invoices and other related documents via mail.
  • Automating the statement of accounts sharing process.
  • Automating reminders for follow-up of outstanding at the Invoice level via WhatsApp / SMS / E-mail.
  • Help generate and integrate payment links along with digital receipts.
  • Real-time update of both online and offline collections along with reverse sync to ERP.
  • Custom workflow with connected ERP and connected bank account.

With Hylobiz, businesses in the region have experienced – 

  • Better working capital efficiency.
  • Real-time view of business collections and overdue status.
  • Connected Banking benefits.

Hylobiz – Seamless Integration. Simplified Collections.

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